The CSU-AAUP membership has voted overwhelmingly, 821 to 86 to approve the 2007 – 2011 proposed Contract.
Approve Disapprove Invalid Total Votes Cast
CCSU 264 39 2 305
ECSU 114 26 1 141
SCSU 277 19 3 299
WCSU 166 2 3 171
TOTAL 821 86 9 916
The CSUS Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Friday, February 9 and the agreement was unanimously approved. The Contract was submitted to the General Assembly by close of business later that day.
Further, the CSU-AAUP/BOT 2007-2011 contract was approved by the General Assembly. According to law, if the General Assembly fails to vote to approve or reject a collective bargaining agreement within thirty days of filing with the Clerk’s Office, it is automatically approved. The thirty-day period for our contract ended as of the close of business on Monday, March 12.
The new contract goes into effect on August 25, 2007. The contract requires the Board of Trustees to print the Collective Bargaining Agreement within ninety days of Legislative approval with sufficient copies for distribution to all full-time members of the bargaining unit. Part-time members shall be provided with a hard copy, upon request of their university Human Resources Office.
Following are the original proposals exchanged between the parties (CSU-AAUP and CSU-BOT) on September 28, 2006. The AAUP proposals were written by our negotiating team, based on the priorities established by the CSU-AAUP Council at its May 2006 meeting. These priorities were based on the suggestions and recommendations received from the membership at our four universities. In some instances, the AAUP negotiating team had to balance competing interests from various constituencies. While each negotiating team can make counter proposals to proposals already made by the other party, no new proposals can be made during the course of these negotiations.
The AAUP negotiating team has two representatives from each of the four universities. These team members serve as liaisons between the team and the membership. All questions and comments should be directed to the representatives from the respective university.
CSU-AAUP Negotiating Team Members
CSU George Murphy Math No campus phone
CCSU Carol Shaw Austad Psychology 860-832-3103
CCSU Cindy White Communication 860-832-2695
ECSU Emil Pocock History 860-465-5229
ECSU Elena Tapia English 860-465-5078
SCSU John Kavanagh Math 203-392-5585
SCSU Virginia Metaxas History 203-392-5607
WCSU Michele Ganon Accounting 203-837-8472
WCSU Vijay Nair Library 203-837-9116
Staff Gregg Adler Attorney No campus phone
Staff Caryl Schiff-Greatorex Director of Member Services 860-832-3791
On January 18, 2007, by resolution #01-07-2, the CSU-AAUP Council recommended to the membership the ratification of a four-year collective bargaining agreement covering the period of August 25, 2007 to August 25, 2011.